Representative Payee Program

Alechia Stovall ,  Case Aide

Alechia Stovall, Case Aide

The Representative Payee Program on a monthly basis serves approximately 70 households receiving Social Security benefits who have been mandated by the SSA to engage a third party to manage their social security funds. Inner Voice ensures financial obligations such as rent, utility bills, arrearages, etc. are met thus safeguarding housing stability. Remaining funds are distributed twice monthly for personal expenses. Staff also provide case management, financial counseling and budgeting and housing/resource linkages.

Seed CX Transit Pilot: Ticket to the Future

A 12-month pilot study whereby transit cards are purchased for persons seeking employment to ascertain the impact of the investment. If successful, the data and human stories derived from this pilot project will be used to create a larger program through Seed CX’s network. 

Emergency Client Assistance Funds

Emergency Client Assistance Funds from the FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Program, The Chicago Community Trust’s Sherburne M. Earling Fund and All Chicago’s Emergency Fund are used to lift approximately 100 households annually out of crises, helping them to maintain housing stability.