The Facts About Homelessness in Chicago

Provided by Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

In May 2018, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless released its annual survey of how many Chicagoans are homeless.

Using a methodology that includes the most current census data, 80,384 Chicagoans were homeless in 2016. Eighty percent of these homeless residents lived doubled-up in the homes of others due to hardship, often in overcrowded conditions. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Communities Survey, 64,114 people lived doubled-up in Chicago in 2016. Of those, 55.5% were black, 33.1% Latinx, 6.5% white, and 4.9% other groups.

According to 2016 HMIS data provided by All Chicago, 23,808 people were served in the shelter system or other homeless service programs. Of those, 7,538 (32%) had been living doubled-up with family or friends at some point that year. Seventy-six percent of people served in the homeless service system were black, 19% white, and 5% other. Eleven percent reported themselves as Latinx.

  • Of the 35,435 homeless people living in families with children, 90% (31,923) were doubled-up.

  • Of the 8,860 homeless family households, 88% (7,821) of households were doubled-up.

  • Of the 44,757 homeless individuals, 72% (32,191) were doubled-up.

  • Unaccompanied homeless youth, ages 14 through 24, totaled 11,067 individuals, of whom 85% (9,455) were doubled up. 

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