Support Services

Helping Clients Succeed for the long-term, these Services Are Critical To Helping Clients Secure Immediate and Affordable Housing and nurturing a sense of self-worth

  • The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Supportive Housing Program (SHP)
  • Chronic Homeless Encampment Pilot (CHP)
  • Safe Start 1
  • Emergency Assistance
  • The SSA Representative Payee Program
  • Systemizing Options and Services (SOS) -Joint Transitional -Rapid Rehousing Program (Triage Program)
  • VA Case Management (VA-CM)

With you Every Step of the Way. Clients partner with case managers to create individual plans, and connect them to wraparound services they need, to ensure success.

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Supportive Housing Program (SHP)

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Supportive Housing Program (SHP) provides supportive services to about 160 formerly homeless or at-risk households in Chicago. SHP is a combination of affordable housing and support services designed to help individuals and families use housing as a platform for health and recovery following a period of homelessness. In partnership with the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund, households receive comprehensive case management and rental assistance to ensure residential stability. SHP’s values and ways of interacting with the participants create a program that helps the participant succeed over the long-term.

Chronic Homeless Encampment Pilot (CHP)

Chronic Homeless Encampment Pilot (CHP) – Chronic Homelessness Pilot (CHP) targets individuals (“The Encampment Dwellers”) found living in tents originally under the bridges on the Northside of Chicago. Funded by DFSS, Inner Voice is subcontracted through the Center for Housing and Health to provide ongoing intensive case management to strategically move each participant into a place to call home. CHP is a low-barrier program; it has no time limits; provides intensive case management on and offsite. Support services are voluntary and appropriate to the needs and preferences of eligible participants. CHP is aligned with the Dimensions of Quality Supportive Housing to ensure services are provided efficiently and

Safe Start 1

Safe Start 1 is subcontracted through the Aids Foundation of Chicago to provide ongoing comprehensive individualized support services using a participant centered harm reduction trauma informed model for participants in Scattered-Site Housing. Responsibilities include monthly home visits, accompanying participants to medical and benefits appointments, and connecting participants to community-based resources.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance – Inner Voice currently administers emergency client assistance funds from the following organizations: FEMA, Emergency Food and Shelter Program; The Chicago Community Trust’s Sherburne Fund; All Chicago’s Emergency Fund; and the Veterans Emergency Fund.

The SSA Representative Payee Program

The SSA Representative Payee Program allows participants to receive their Social Security benefits via a responsible third party. Inner Voice assures rent is paid, often sending checks directly to the property owner or management company, as well as other creditors such as utility companies. In addition to financial services, individuals receive case management services to assist with obtaining secure housing, developing personal financial plans, and accessing needed supportive services.

Systemizing Options and Services (SOS) -Joint Transitional -Rapid Rehousing Program (Triage Program)

Systemizing Options and Services (SOS) – Joint Transitional-Rapid Rehousing Program (Triage Program) provides temporary housing either in a TH or in RRH component for the unsheltered population. This project type provides a new way to meet some of the challenges that the unsheltered communities are facing. SOS is a 24-hour program of stabilization and assessment focused on rehousing persons as quickly as possible in appropriate, stable, permanent housing of their choice.

VA Case Management (VA-CM)

VA Case Management (VA-CM) facilitates services that help Veterans with retaining housing stability to prevent a return to homelessness. Each household receives time-limited supportive services intended to address underlying causes of their homelessness and build resilience and independence. Once intake is completed and a comprehensive assessment including a psycho-social assessment is conducted, an Individual Service Plan (ISP) is developed in collaboration with the participant that serves as a roadmap to independence, documenting progress and identifying barriers that may hinder maintaining permanent housing.