Workforce Development

A safe place to stay, a warm bed to sleep in and the confidence that comes from contributing to society with employment leads to long-term self-sufficiency

  • Helping Individuals Re-Enter Employment (HIRE)
  • Honor Grant (VAAS)

Giving our participants the tools they need to become self-reliant.

Helping Individuals Re-Enter Employment (HIRE)

Helping Individuals Re-Enter Employment (HIRE) offers job preparation, counseling, placement, and related services to 18 individuals throughout Chicago. HIRE focuses on the development of an individual employment plan (IEP), group/individual career counseling and planning, and short-term skills development (such as mock interview and communication skills) to improve employment outcomes and on-site services such as access to a computer lab, career orientations, job club, job fairs, employment and housing summits, pre-employment skills training, and direct job placement. Supportive services are offered either directly or through referrals to collaborative partners. Retention services such as employer feedback, follow-up calls, ongoing counseling, and transportation are critical components of HIRE.

Honor Grant (VAAS)

Honor Grant (VAAS) -funded through the Cook County Dept. Veteran Affairs, provides continued veteran support programming in employment services, mental/physical health, housing, financial support services, and other additional social services that address the unique concerns of Cook County veterans.